Thursday, August 23, 2018

Adsense Ads Code Converter For Blogger Blog

This tool will help you to convert the JavaScript ad code into right format for XML blogger template.

You can use this ads converter for all types of advertising website (like AdSense, Chitika etc.). You can't enter the AdSense JavaScript ads code into your blogger template, then, It will show an error. You need to convert it to XHTML then you can use it.

Today, I will describe, how can you convert the AdSense code of your blog? and how do you use it?

I will describe it step by step. You must follow it: 

(1) at first, go to Google AdSense and create an ad unit and copy it.

(2) Then, go to AdSense ads converter, and paste it.

(3) then, click on convert. After this, copy the entire converted code and go to blogger dashboard.

(4) Now, click on theme tab. Then, edit HTML and find the place with helping of Ctrl+F, where you want to put this code. After putting it, save the blogger theme.

(5) refresh your blogger page. And you are done.

Note: Please download the backup file of your blogger template before make any changes.

And finally: I hope, now, you can easily convert the AdSense ads code. if you like this tutorial then share it and comment through Google plus comment box. Thanks. Happy Blogging.