Make Money With Neobux - Ultimate Neobux Strategy

Today we are going to learn about how can we make money with neobux. With this neobux strategy you can easily earn $30 per day.

  • About this site:
It is a very popular PTC (paid to click) website that gives us a chance to make money through viewing ads, filling online surveys, completing small task, doing small job, etc. They have been providing their service since 2006.
  • How to make money with the ultimate neobux strategy:
(1) click on ads: After login to your account, click on view ads, and a new tab will be open after this. You should watch all the ads. Your account will be credited with $0.001 for per ads.

(2) complete survey, mini jobs and small task: Like clixsense, Here you can earn by completing many surveys, small task and mini jobs. It is a great platform for crowdsourcing. There, Many type of jobs are available for you.

(3)  referral programs: here you will get two types of referral programs, (1)  rented program, (2) Direct program. According to me, rented program is best than direct program.
Direct referral program is also good. You can easily refer by this method without investing. You can use your blog, social media to do it.

(4) playing games: You will get a chance to make money with neobux through playing online games there, even you will lose, your account will be credited with $0.001. 

(5) ADprizes: Basically, it is a lottery ad. You can also earn some points through this method.

You can easily earn $30 per day with above neobux strategy. To make money, you should visit several times in a day to neobux and keep autopay, auto renew on. If anyone asks me, how much we will earn from this website, my answer will be, how much you want. You can take it as a full-time job. Upgrade yourself as a golden member to do your income double and apply above neobux strategy.

  • Is it legit or scam?
My answer is simple. Please open your browser and type After this, check the global rank of this website. The global rank of this site is only 1051. I hope you can understand the meaning of it. They have million of members, advertiser and much positive feedbacks in the internet. Believe me, it is the popular and highest paying PTC site. It is the completely legit and genuine website. I have also earn up to $100 in the last four days.

  • How do register to make money with neobux:
Follow this steps carefully,
(1) step1: open your browser and type, a page will be appeared in your screen. Create username, password. Then, enter your email, and PayPal or payza email in the box (you should enter same email every time). Then, enter your refer code and birth year. Enter the verification code in the box. After check in the declaration box, click on continue.

(2) step2:  after that, a new page will be appeared in your screen automatically. Enter the validation code (open your gmail and copy that code) and verification code. Then, click on finish registration. 
Congratulations. Now, you are ready to earn money with neobux.

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Flipkart Customer Care Number And Contact Details

If you want to get help of flipkart then, please bookmark this article. Because today I will provide you their customer care number and other contact details.
If you want to replace your purchased products or ask for a refund or facing any problems or issues about their products and services or many other reasons, you need to contact of them.

For this you should know about their contact details like flipkart customer care number, their postal code and email ID, etc. So, for help, we will provide you their contact details which you may need.

To get in touch with them you can use following method. The best way to contact with them is to visit their Help Center Website. You can access them through their android app and website.(

  • How Can You Contact With Them?
Follow these steps to talk with them,
  • (A) Step1 At first, login with their shopping app or website using your registered email id or phone number.
  • (B) Step2 : Then go to my order page, and click on need help tab there.

  • The flipkart customer care number:
It is 1800 208 9898 (toll Free 24×7). They are just a call away to you. There you can register your issues or complaints related to your purchased product. Also you can send them an email. Everything you can do with their mobile app.

15 Most Popular Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment
  • Their Postal address:
You can also send a post at the following address:
Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd.
Block B,Begonia , Ground Floor, Embassy Tech Village,
Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village,
Varthur Hobli, Bangalore East Taluk
District -Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. PIN - 560103

  • About this e-commerce website:
This shopping website is India's biggest online e-commerce store based in Bengaluru for mobiles, fashion, home appliances, electronic, goods, books, home, sporting, furniture, jewellery etc. Founded by Binni Bansal and Sachin Bansal in 2007. It has over 100 million customer in India. To download their shopping app, please go to Play Store. I hope this post will be very helpful for you.

How To Make Money Through Digitize India Platform

If you want to make money doing some data entry jobs, then Digitize India Platform will be right choice for you. It is also known as DEiTY (Pixel to Data Transformation Job).

  • What is Digitize India Platform?
DIP is a digital initiative of (ministry of electronics and information technology) government of India which gives us a chance to make money by doing simple data entry works like captcha typing job. It is similar of other micro-jobs. It will help government offices to be digital.
  • How Digitize India Platform works?
They collect the scanned documents from various government offices and share these documents into snippets. These snippets are randomly served to the contributors like us, and they typed the correct words that they showed in the snippets. After that, a match engine checks the entries and correct entries are get rewarded. After reassembling these digitized documents, it provided back to the govt organizations.

  • How to make money through Digitize India Platform?
I will describe it step by step, you should follow it properly, ---
  • Step1: At first sign up with them and enter your name, phone number, e-mail, aadhaar  number, password etc.  
  • Step2 : After verifying your aadhaar number, you can log in there using e-mail and password.
  • Step3 : Then you should complete your profile and enter your state, district, pin code, educational qualification, etc.
  • Step4 : After that, complete your bank details form. For this, you should link your aadhaar number with your bank account.
  • Step5 : And then work for them and start to earn some good bucks. You can earn 2 paisa for each character you enter. Speed and accuracy are the key to make money there.
  • Who are eligible to make money from Digitize India Platform?
All those Indian citizens who fulfill the following criteria are eligible for this,----
  1. Aadhaar number
  2. Bank account
  3. Internet connection
  4. A smartphone or PC.
  5. Basic computer literacy.

  • Final words: The minimum redemption point is 2500 = 50 INR. You can easily earn up to INR 8000 per month by doing this job. For this you have to work 6 to 7 hours daily. You can donate your points or withdraw as cash. To withdraw as cash, please update your bank details (link your aadhaar number with bank account).

List Of Free Keyword Research Tools To Boost Rankings

To boost ranking in Google search results proper word research is most important for your blog. So, today I will give you an information about useful list of free keyword research tools.

It is the phrases or words that defines your blog content. People enter words or phrases to relate their queries into search engine to get valuable information.

Proper word research is very important for your article, because it helps to rank your post, through driving organic traffic to your content.
You can do to rank your article easily by using long tail phrase than singular word due to high competition. The basic rule is always use it in h1 tag and implement its density properly.

However, it is a good practice of using popular words that drives traffic to your website.

 Some popular free keyword research tools are following:
(1). Google AdWords planner



(4). Ubersuggest






(10). Google trends

(11). KeywordEye

(12). KeywordSpy

(13).  Bing webmaster tools.
You can use the above free keyword research tools to boost rankings of your blog post.

How To Add Hreflang Tags In Blogger To Boost Seo Score

how to add hreflang tags in blogger: To boost seo score, adding hreflang tags in blogger is very important.

  • What is it?
hreflang tags are an HTML code that help to web crawlers to show your web pages in the specific country.

  • How to add Hreflang tags in blogger? 
The default tag is:(English)
If you want to use default tags, then use this:

(1). <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en” href=””>

Some tags are(different country bases): 
If you want to show your articles in any specific country, then use one of following:

(1). India:
 <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”in-en” href=””>

(2). United State:
 <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-us” href=””>

(3). United kingdom:
<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-uk” href=””>

Omit and use your own domain.

Choose one of above as your needs and paste it between <head> and </head> tags in your blogger template.
Or use any hreflang tags generator tool.

If you feel this(how to add hreflang tags in blogger) article is informative, then please share it.

Mozilla Firefox Browser :Fast And Private - An Epic Review

Mozilla Firefox review: Mozilla Firefox is a free, fast, smart, secure (private), open source web browser for mobile, tablet and desktop. It supports all types of operating systems, like Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, etc and developed by Mozilla corporation.

Mozilla Firefox browser is customizable and synced across all devices.

  • Mozilla Firefox review(unique features) : 

(1). Speed: they claim that Mozilla Firefox browser is faster than chrome browser and It uses 30% less memory of your devices than chrome, but it is subject to debate and experiment. However, its speed will not discourage you.

(2). Smartness: Mozilla Firefox gives you a total control to manage it. You can easily access popular web media (like Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook) with shortcut menu bar in homepage. 

This browser has been created, keeping you in mind. Here, you can easily browse with your favorite pre-installed search engine (like Google, bing, DuckDuckGo,, twitter, Wikipedia). Firefox shows you previously search results and multiple suggested queries with your related query to help you.

(3). Top Level Privacy: Here, You can independently browse with top-level privacy protection. Any web pages can't track you, if you use its private browsing option. Because, Mozilla Firefox blocks all the tracking parts of web pages.

(4). Smarter SYNC Option: You can easily SYNC your password, search history, tabs, bookmarks, between multiple devices (like desktop, smartphone, tab, etc.) with helping of a Firefox account.

(5). Smarter tabs option: You can easily open multiple tabs and able to control all tabs at a time. 

(6). Smart ADD-ON option: Here, you will get a lot of help with the personalized add-on (like your favorite sites, download managers, ad blocker, password and many more).

(7). Smart share option: You are able to share your web content through multiple social media(like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Skype, etc.) very easily which you use to your devices. You are also able to share your video from your devices to big screen.

  • What's new in Mozilla Firefox 61.0.2 android version: 
(1). Faster scrolling.
(2). Improvement of quantum CSS.

  • And finally: So, join and upgrade your web browser with Mozilla Firefox - A free, customizable, independent, smart, fast and private web browser. From here, you can download it ----

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How To Make Money On Upwork - An Epic Guidance

Making money on upwork: In this article, I will share with you, how to you can make money on upwork. 

  • What is upwork??
Upwork is a great platform for the freelance workers. It was founded in 2015. It is also known as odesk or elance. It has 12 million registered freelancers and 3 million jobs posted annually. Here, you will get many types of job like logo design, web design, data entry, coding etc.
One of my friends asked me about how to make money on upwork? That's the reason, I am writing this article.
  • How to make money on upwork?- An Epic Guidance.
Today, I will share with you 6 ultimate steps about how to make money on upwork? This guidance help you to get more high quality jobs. It is as follows:

(1) Title: Make an attractive title for your profile. Many times, it will help you to get jobs. Use three word phrases. Put your key strength into those three word.

(2) Tags: Always choose matching skill tags as your title. You can choose more than 5 skill tags. Meaningful skill tags help you to making money on upwork. You can follow senior colleagues in this matter.

(3) Description: Always write a catchy, meaningful and clear description in the description box to attract your clients. Describe why you are the best in this field in simple sentence.

(4) Test: Take some test to related your skill and prove that you are more eligible for this job. Also, these tests will help you to identify your weak points, and you get chance to improve.

(5) Small projects: Before you go for big projects, complete some small assignments and earn some good reviews. Do your work honesty to get golden feedback. It will give you a chance to get more higher projects. After building some experience go for bigger projects.

(6) Portfolio: Make a catchy portfolio to make money on upwork. Add some sample of completed Jobs into portfolio section. It will give an idea about your skills to the client. You should regularly update your portfolio.

These are 6 ultimate steps about making money on upwork. Now, you can go to make money on upwork. Before you go to applying for a job, you should read job criteria with more attention and reply them with carefully. This is the key point about how to make money on upwork.